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You need 3 things to qualify: A Valid Ohio Driver license with your current address on it, the down payment for the car you are looking for and Insurance.
As long as you can meet the 3 key requirements above, you qualify.
You don't qualify If you are under 18 and if you reside more than 1 hour radius of our physical location in the state of Ohio. We use your Ohio license to validate your residence and might occasionally ask for additional proof of residence. See dealer for details, down payment may vary depending on how far is your residence from our location, we do not finance beyond our coverage area. Additional requirements maybe needed.
NO, YOU DON'T, we don't want you to ask anyone for help!
At First Choice Auto Finance, there is no catch! The down payments you see listed on our website or through any advertisement is the requirement. We are not going to change the down payment based on credit or income, you are in control of the car you want to get!
ABSOLUTELY! bring in any trade in and you will get a credit towards the down payment!
We do not charge interest.