How does the NO CREDIT CHECK program works?

Basically, you come in and look around the lot, you pick out the car that you like and as long as you can meet the required down payment and have a valid Ohio or Michigan Driver's license you are approved! No bank approval, No credit checks, No income verification! It's a 10-20 minute process to get that new car.

So Anyone is qualified?

Yes ANYONE, yes it is that easy! Driver's license + Down Payment = NEW CAR!

Do i need a cosignor?

NO YOU DON'T, we don't want you to ask anyone for help!

What is the catch?

At First Choice Auto Finance, there is no catch! The down payments you see listed on our website or through any advertisment is the requirement. We are not going to change the down payment based on credit or income, you are in control of the car you want to get!

Do you take trade-in's for a down payment?

ABSOLUTELY! bring in any trade in and you will get a credit towards the down payment!

I have part of the Down Payment what can i do?

Put the vehicle you like on Layaway. There is no extra cost to do it, everything you pay goes towards the down payment.

About Us

Welcome to Welcome to First Choice Auto Finance, Your first choice buy here pay here dealer.

First Choice Auto Finance was established in 2010 on Woodville Road in East Toledo. Since then we have bin committed to deliver the best quality vehicles with the lowest down payments and prices to hundreds of customers. The Buy here pay here program was able to deliver vehicles to customers easily, we save people time and money.

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